Culinary Tools & Supplies

foods and culinaryMission: The Pinellas Technical College Culinary Arts Department is committed to offering students an accredited and comprehensive culinary arts program. Our food science books handle the standard food science subdisciplines of microbiology, chemistry, food security, food engineering, meals packaging, ingredients, purposeful meals, and nutraceuticals, while the culinary books concentrate on the science behind the culinary transformations.

Video learners can anticipate to see historical representations of meals in art work, images reflecting culinary tradition across the globe, in-studio cooking demonstrations, and more than 100 maps that take you on a culinary tour of the world.

This system, in cooperation with our educational companions, provides students a variety of foods and culinary classes that lead the student from an introduction to meals via more superior studies in professional cooking, dietetics, and baking.

Coaching contains identification, selection, preparation, presentation, serving, and storage of a wide variety of foods; communication and management skills; mathematical expertise; human relations and employability skills; and secure and environment friendly work practices.